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1 Peter 2:5 : A New Beginning

The Apostle Peter wrote a letter to the early church believers with some fundamental advice that I think is good to remember.  We serve a living God and we also are called to also be alive.  Living and full of life.  The Bibles says that we should be “lively stones”.  Active and alive, living, not just place holders.  Dead stones like the bricks in your home are place holders they are good for one thing holding a certain place and space in time.  

We are however called to be living or lively stones because the God that we serve is alive.  Because the work of the church is to minister to the living, because one sure way of drawing others to Christ is to show that Christ is alive in you and quite frankly God wants people to know that you can be in Him and still have a life.  One’s life doesn’t come to an end when you come to Christ (join a church).  In fact it is the beginning of what will be a blessing not only to you but to your children and their children.  When Joshua lead the children of Israel over the river Jordan the Lord had him to set up an alter made of river stones so that when the children ask the fathers what do these dead stones mean they can learn that the stones are a reminder of the new Life the Lord gave them as He brought them out of the bondage of slavery and into a new land and new life.  

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