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Yes you can Belong. Be Loved. Believe.
A close knit group of believers in no way perfect. Striving to live God’s Word daily. We laugh and cry together. We celebrate successes. We help in times of need. Do you want to belong, Be Loved, and Believe? Yes you can.
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It's the start of an amazing journey of faith

Purposely preparing and praying to extend the Kingdom of God not over night, but over time.  Preparing with a purpose, which is, to carry the Gospel to the lost of our time through evangelism.  To witness to those who dwell in the night while they walk in the light of the day.  To reach those who have eyes that do not see and ears that have grown dull to the call of Jesus Christ. Providence Baptist Church is the small congregation connected to the living God.

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I've Got Plans

Wondering when and how all the pieces will come together... Wanting to have the testimony that God answered my prayer...  Read more

Thankful for Moms

To say that Mothers are special is the understatement of all time.  Read more

“Let the fields be joyful”

Gods creation. Looking out at the beautiful blooms of Spring I see the creations of God, that in no way could have been imagined by man.  Read more