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Thankful for Moms

Honor your father and your mother... Exodus 20:12 

All of America pauses to thank our mothers on their special day.  We love our mothers each and everyday but we take time to recognize her in a special way on this second Sunday in May.  Every human being that has ever lived had a mother.  Mothers are wonderfully special.  The things that they give up in order that their children will have a better life, access to more opportunities, and entree into stimulating realms of society are incalculable.  

Mom sometimes has to stand in the role of Mom and Dad.  She sometimes has to be the consoler and disciplinarian.  She sometimes has to be provider and protector and so much more.  Mom will teach you how to wash your clothes and how to play ball.  Mom will teach you which fork to use and also how to throw a punch.  Mom will teach you how to treat a lady and how to stand up to a bully.  

To say that Mothers are special is the understatement of all time.  Many times Auntie is Mom, Cousin is Mom, Grandmother is Mom, and sometimes even a sister is Mom.  The love of a woman for a child is so strong that even an unrelated woman will not hesitate to step into the role of Mom.  The growth, development, and proper assimilation of a child in to a civil society is many times directly related to the nurturing or on the down-side the neglect of Mom.  

We are thankful for Moms of every kind everywhere.  Our children are better because of loving, giving, and caring Moms.  Our families are stronger because of loving, giving, and caring Moms.  Our communities are richer because of loving, giving, and caring Moms.  Our world is blessed because of loving, giving, caring Moms.

Now there stood at the foot of the cross of Jesus, His mother… John 19:25

  • 16 May 2021

    So thankful for my Mother and all Mother figures in my life. They all should be given the most respect.

  • 08 May 2021

    This is beautiful. You only get one birth mother, and if she has already gone on to be with the Lord (which is my case), God places other mothers in your life. Thank Him for his Grace and Mercy. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Have a Blessed Day.

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