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God answers prayer: Part II

The first answer (for a mentor) to my prayers was my brother who is in the music industry.  After having several conversations he knowing what I was up against, what I had as resources and what I was trying to do.  He found a broadcasting program that I could use and he built the first Providence broadcast which allowed us to use layers and overlays, etc.  He advised the type of microphones we needed and where they should be placed for maximum effectiveness and almost overnight the broadcast got better.  The second answer (for music) to prayer was an iPhone app that allows you to play music not plain music tracks but backing music,...filler music...music with background accompaniment that has the ability to change keys and sync songs together which enhances praise and worship.  This took us to yet another level. 

Today the broadcast is much better than when we begin but always I see room to improve.  Third prayer answer (for excellence) came when I finally realized what to do with the empty room in my basement that we really had not put to use.  We moved into that space and now we can control the light and to a degree the sound.  We have added sound proofing to the environment to reduce the chamber echo effect. We upgraded the camera for better optics and the PC for faster processing.  Add to this failing over and over. 

I attribute where we are a year later to trusting in the Lord and not being satisfied with good enough.  Determination and patience has brought us a long way.  Our answer to prayer has been multiplied when I think of the people who join us on Sunday from great distances.  This is icing on the cake to think that when we go live we reach people whom we would have never worshipped with on a Sunday morning in Remington, VA.  I am proud that our broadcast is where it is and I still want it to get better. 

Whatever your challenge is trust the Lord. Allow people to help you.  Don’t shun criticism and remember that success is a lousy teacher.  

God answers prayer.


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