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You Don’t Have to be Big to be Effective in the Kingdom

The Savior is looking for is a repentant and humble soul who is obedient  Read more

He Knows Your Name

It is easy to believe or even feel like your forgotten.  Even more it's easy to give up on your dreams, but I would encourage you to keep going.   Read more

I've Got Plans

Wondering when and how all the pieces will come together... Wanting to have the testimony that God answered my prayer...  Read more

God answers prayer: Part II

The first answer (for a mentor) to my prayers was my brother who is in the music industry.  After having several conversations he knowing what I was up against, what I had as resources and what I was trying to do.    Read more

God answers prayer: Part I

In March of 2020 the world was thrown into a global pandemic called COVID-19 and while the complete story is yet to be told I offer this as a window into a challenge that took this church into the digital domain and the prayers that God answered along the way.  Read more