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He Knows Your Name

"He Knows Your Name" - He knows your name because he named you.  We cannot forget that.  It is easy to believe or even feel like your forgotten.  Even more it's easy to give up on your dreams, but I would encourage you to keep going.  Make steps to the right direction as he leads and guides you. He knows your name.  What is in you is there because God gave it to you. If it didn't work the first time that does not mean you stop.  We all stumble and fall, yet we get up and must keep moving. Use the tools you have, the ones he equips you with to do a mighty work in the kingdom as well as reach your personal goals.  You do realize that he cares about your personal goals as well.  He knows you name; You are Son and Daughter.  He is Father and when you call, he shall answer. 

  • 11 Jul 2021

    Thank you for this word of encouragement. He does know our name and I am so glad.

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